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What does All-Natural mean to Cake Hag?

It means that we source our ingredients carefully and avoid hydrogenated ingredients, chemicals, pesticides, GMO’s and Hormones or Antibiotics. Many of our ingredients are organic, like our berries. We also seek local ingredients whenever possible, like our sweet potatoes, eggs, pecans and apples and blueberries during season.


From Maggie, the founding Cake Hag and our resident Cake Artist

Some of my favorite memories are of wonderful white cakes filled with pineapple that my Mom would get for our birthdays from a local baker. Unfortunately, my Mom didn’t bake, even though her father had been a professional baker. Less delicious, but more humorous, are the memories of my Dad in the kitchen, determined to create perfection from a box of cake mix. Not necessarily one to follow the directions, the failed result was always the same but the process was an adventure for him.

Maybe because of those memories, early on I began a love of cake, and to this day there is nothing I would rather eat. I must have been blessed with the ability to grasp the principles of baking and with way more patience than my Dad, or perhaps pastry-affinity skipped a generation, because my results are usually more successful. All of the cakes and pastries we offer come from recipes we’ve developed in our search for Cake and Pastry Nirvana.

We use natural flours, sugars, and the very best chocolates, butters and fruits. We grind most of our spices and use only excellent liquor and liqueurs. I do believe you can taste the quality in each ingredient. We stay away from any hydrogenated fats or fillers, including in our buttercreams. I always figure that before we offer a cake, I had better be in love with it. If I don’t love it, how can I hope that you will?

Thanks for visiting our site, I hope you find cake combinations and dessert creations that you love here!

Oh – one more thing! Bikes Belong, so please share the road!

From Katie, our Manager-Hag and Head Baker

After years spent first as a barista with a major coffee company, then as a supervisor and eventually a manager, I love all things related to Desserts. I’ve developed all of our Dessert Bars and many of our Cake and Pie flavor combinations out of that love.

I live for chocolate cake and I believe that the finest cake on earth is our dark chocolate spiced Aztec Cake, especially with our fabulous chocolate cinnamon mousse. I like to enjoy it with a cup of rich espresso roast coffee and then I’ve found my cake nirvana.

I love working with cake and people to make an occasion unforgettable without breaking a budget. I look forward to being able to help with an event in your future, thanks for visiting!


Probably one of our most asked questions is where on earth we got our name from, and why. Maggie’s hearing is just slightly off, particularly when it comes to being able to differentiate between like-sounds. During a mother-daughter debate, It sounded for all the world as though Katie was calling her a Cake Hag….. it became a long running family joke. When it came time to name the business, Cake Hag was the natural choice. Once in a rare while a person will complain about the name, but we know that at least they haven’t forgotten it!

Cake Hag’s Mission is to make every cake and dessert we create naturally, unforgettably delicious

2010 - 'Best Of Atlanta' by Atlanta Magazine

2011- 'Best Alternative Bakeries' by AJC

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2012 - 'Atlanta Top 50' (Food Places) by AJC

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