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Cake Hag is pure epicurean delight!  Having been in fine dining for over twelve years, I thought I had seen it all when combining flavors and textures until I encountered Maggie the Cake Hag…Maggie’s love of all things gourmet is sybaritic and truly seeps through every bite of her creations.  Each time I call upon her services it is a pleasure to ‘create’ with her.  Her artistic design is top class and her the way she blends her rich flavors and delightful textures is truly harmonious.  Working with Cake Hag provides a unique experience that keeps us coming back for more!” – Liza Atkinson”We use the CakeHag office cake service and it knocked our socks off, really. Way beyond a typical cake (We tried the Spice Cake filled with caramel apples first) and delivered, with plates and plastic-ware and candles that even matched. Pricing was great, too!– Cindy

Thanks Maggie for making this Birthday so exceptional. It’s hard to find a cake for a picky eater but this one was perfect. White chocolate cake with the cookies and cream in the middle is our special cake from now on” – Christine C

We have to tell you that the Brandy Butter cake we had you ship to our friends was such a big hit we’re going to have to order it again.” – Dan and Lisa J

Whenever I entertain, my most important call is to order my cake from CakeHag. My daughter’s birthday cake had a Georgia Bulldog theme and for my sister-in-law’s baby shower we had a chocolate cake with tennis balls in the frosting and raspberry between the layers. My guests always love the cakes (I usually have more than one.) The cakes always taste better than they look- and they look beautiful. I am partial to the dark chocolate cake, the carrot cake and the brandy butter cake. I also recommend the lemon for a very fresh taste. I really appreciate the quality ingredients that Maggie uses in the cakes.  And, if you are lucky enough to have some left after your guests leave and your man has another huge piece, the cakes freeze beautifully. – Andrea

Cakes and pastries by CakeHag are the embodiment of editable bliss.  Admittedly good pastries have always been my weakness, but now disciplining myself is so much easier – I only eat pastries by CakeHag.  They are by far the best cakes, cookies, brownies and cup cakes that I have ever experienced.  And even better you can custom order each aspect of the cakes and pastries; and the ingredients are top quality and usually organic.  I have endeared myself to old friends and made new friends by simply referring people to CakeHag.  One friend said that the Chocolate Covered Cherry Cake was the best that she had had in 70 years of living.  My favorite used to be the Carolina Carrot Cake, then my favorite became their last creation . . . the Brandy Butter Chocolate Chunk Cake. I can’t wait to try CakeHag’s newest creation, the Big Peach Cake. And, in addition to tasting good, they can create visually exciting cake designs for almost any occasion.  They are simply the best.  – Jerry Thomas, Jr., Esq.

I just wanted you to know how much everyone raved about the cake — how delicious is was (and is!) and how pretty it was.  The peaches were fantastic in it and it is so moist.  Absolutely scrumptous! 🙂  Thanks so much for helping make my daughter’s birthday so special! – Kelly G

I’ve worked with Maggie aka “The Cake Hag” on a couple of projects.  One for my wife, a couple for my office/co-workers.  I can not say enough about the service, the quality of the cakes we have received or the overall experience.  Give her a call, tell her what you want, when you want it and sit back and enjoy!  You won’t find a better tasting cake for a better price!  Simply put – The BEST!” – Scott Patton – Borland Software

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  1. Stef Chandler

    Ladies thank you so much for my husbands Optimus Prime cake! My apologies for the delayed thank you. He loved it and it was FANTASTIC!!

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