Pop-up Grab-n-Go Breakfast Tomorrow and Friday, 08.14 and 08.15

Tomorrow and Friday’s Pop-Up Grab-n-Go Breakfast Menu from Cake Hag –


Savory – Cheese Grits w Smothered Chicken
Scrambled Egg w Sausage Gravy
Sweet – South Carolina Brandied Peach
Red Eyes (Cream Cheese w Fresh Raspberry Curd Centers)

Doughssants –

Carmel-Bacon filled w Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream
Brandied Peach filled w Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream

Really Delicious Gooey Butter Pecan Buns

Cinnamon Coffee Crumble Cake

7:30 – 10:30 or we run out

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Our Big Post 4th of July Announcement – Cake Hag is MOVING! Next week, when we open on Wednesday (We are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays) it will be in our new location, across the Park! Cake Hag Cake and Dessert Studio will be joining forces with Bennett’s Market & Deli at 568 Boulevard SE! – The home of great sandwiches and gourmet mains and salads.

In addition to our made-to-order cakes, pastries, pies and goodies, you’ll be able to call or come by and choose a ready-to-eat layer cake, coffee cake or booze cake to go. We will also be offering breakfast kolache ( Cheese grits & smothered chicken kolache, egg & sausage gravy kolache, and creamy grits & vegan sausage gravy kolache will be back along with others) two mornings a week later in July along with our artisan Doughssants!

Stay tuned for more info – like when we are going to throw a grand relocating bash, our daily offerings and more! And thank you in advance for your support!

(*It should be noted that we are grateful for the big-hearted support we have been given by the family of wonderful folks at the St. Paul UMC – our home for the last couple of years – without which, we would not be here today. Awesome people, great community, we thank you all and wish you the very best!)

A natural approach

At Cake Hag we well understand the temptations to indulge, especially during these winter months. We want our customers to know that if they decide to enjoy one of our cakes or pastry, they aren’t going to be worrying after the fact about the quality and freshness of what they have ordered.

We are scratch-natural. That means that all of our cakes are made from scratch and that we take care to seek and select the best natural ingredients. Our flours are not chemically treated – no preservatives, bleaches, bromates or gmo grains are used. Our dairy and butter are hormone and anti-biotic-free. Our fruits are natural; organic when possible. And as always, we don’t use any hydrogenated ingredients.

Sure, you may be indulging but you can be comfortable that you’re doing it in the best possible way 🙂

Changes to Doughssant Ordering and Availability

Effective today, we are changing the way doughssants are ordered and picked up. Due to the oncoming Holiday Season we will no longer be dedicating Tuesday mornings to doughssants.

Prior to doughssants, Cake Hag was closed on Monday and Tuesday. We are going to return to those days being our ‘weekend’ but we are going to make individual doughssant orders available, as a regular ordered item, subject to our schedule availability, any other days of the week.

Orders for doughssants will need to remain at one dozen increments, and due to the length of time required to prepare the dough, a minimum of 48 hours notice, and more if possible, will be essential. Stay tuned for additional news regarding doughssants and a couple new items that will be joining doughssants on our soon-to-be-released Holiday Breakfast Ordering List.

Thank you!


Doughssants are here – but ordering them is a little different

For a limited time we will be offering a limited number of Doughssants on Tuesday mornings. Orders must be 6 Doughssants or 12 Doughssants – no other sizes or increments are possible. Current flavors are Brandied Peach or Caramel Bacon and both are filled with Madagascar Vanilla Bean Pastry cream. Orders are ONLY accepted via email to – info@cakehag.com. When your order has been accepted you will receive a confirmation email with additional info. Thank you!

Order now for the Holidays!

2012 Holiday Booze Cakes:

*Brandy Butter Chocolate Chunk
*Kahlua Dark Chocolate
*Banana Blackberry Rum
*New – Almond Amaretto

2012 Holiday Cakes

*Fresh Ginger Spice w Caramelized Apples and Cranberries and Citrus Ginger Cream Cheese
*Bouche de Noel – traditional Yule Logs sold as a set – mocha/milk chocolate and raspberry dark chocolate
*14 Layer Cake – Layers of floaty Sponge Cake soaked in Grand Marnier and layered with melted Bittersweet Chocolate
*Croquembouche – Caramel-lashed Cream Puff towers filled with Pumpkin Mousse, Dark Chocolate Mint Mousse and White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

2012 Holiday Pies:

*Caramel Apple Bacon
*Pumpkin Mousse w Pecan Pralines
*Bourbon Chocolate Pecan
*Bourbon Pecan
*Coconut Cream
*Plus our daily offerings including Mixed Berry Lattice Top and Brandied Peach

2012 Holiday Cheesecakes:
(Available traditional, sugar-free, low-carb sugar free or gluten free)

*Sweet Potato Creme Brulee
*New York Classic
*Lemon Cream

*Brownies and Cookies Galore!
*Gift Boxes for 2-24 are available now!

Order now for Thanksgiving!